Year: 2021

Microplastics Analysis

Today, NSLC Marine Biology students did a beach cleanup and microplastics analysis on Mission Beach. Here, they learned how microplastics impact the ecosystem […]

Environmental Rotations

Today, NSLC Environmental Science students got their first look at the program, figuring out how to solve the big problems that face our […]

Leadership Scavenger Hunt and Team Building

Today, NSLC Medicine and Health Care students were treated to a scavenger hunt and team building exercises across campus. These activities helped them […]

Shark Dissections

Today, NSLC Marine Biology students kicked off their session with Shark Dissections. Exploring the sharks entire anatomy, students got a hands on experience […]

2021 Opening Ceremony, Session Three

Tonight, students from all NSLC San Diego programs learned about what they’ll be experiencing over the next 9 days.

Session 3 Arrival Day

Today, the NSLC at San Diego welcomes Medicine and Health Care Students, Environmental Science and Marine Biology students from across the country! Here […]

2021 Marine Biology Staff

2021 Environmental Science Staff

Session 3 & 4 Medicine and Health Care Staff


2021 Session 3 & 4 Administrative Staff

We’re so excited to welcome you to San Diego for the National Student Leadership Conference!