Month: June 2022

Roller Coaster Prototypes and Learning CPR

The JNSLC students participated in team exercises with roller coaster construction, as well as learned CPR from Red Cross representatives. Click here to […]

A Stampede of Dolphins and More!

On Monday, students had the rare chance to see unique marine organisms, an hour off the coast of San Diego. Click here to […]

Suturing and Soldering

On Sunday, equipped with scalpels and irons, the JNSLC students learned the art of the suture and solder. Click here to check out […]

Registration Day!

On Saturday, an eager group arrived and registered to the NSLC. Also for the first time, JNSLC students are at the University of […]

Meet the JNSLC Staff!

From everyone at the University of San Diego, welcome!

Microscopy, Tide Pools, La Jolla Cove, and Their Ecosystems

Saturday and Sunday students alternated groups exploring the local ecosystems in San Diego, from the smaller organisms within the tide pools during low […]

A.I and Representation in Marine Sciences

On Friday, Dr. Berga and marine biologist A-bel Gong spoke about modern problems and solutions in Marine research, each outlining their unique stories […]

Birch Aquarium and Sustainable Seafood

Thursday morning at the Birch Aquarium was a stimulating prerequisite for the speaker of the night with Hubb’s Seaworld Research’s David Tabor. At […]

Whale Watching in the Pacific

Students set sail ten miles into the Pacific on a whale-watching expedition. They caught a glimpse of the world’s largest sea creature and […]

Dissections and Beach Leadership

Our first full day in San Diego, California was full of activities and new experiences! Students equipped with scalpels made their first incisions, […]