Registration day went off to a smooth start as we welcomed dozens of students from all over to participate in the marine biology program at the University of San Diego. Students are finally settled, acquainted, and eager to begin their hands-on activities to become better leaders and explore the warm waters of marine biology!

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Family lunch in the courtyard!

Entering to check-in!

Taking in the sights

Joyous arrival

Nick and Siv are being helpful as usual!


Fast friends!

Waving down the rest of the group!

Happy to be here

Hyped to be here!


Applause break!

Acquanting ourselves with eachother

Early conversations!

Natalie kicking-off the opening day ceremony!

Crystal Brown’s leadership cornerstones

Contagious smiles

Laughing at “Water!”

Thank you, Mrs. Brown!

An overview of opening day

Walking to dinner after meeting our TAs!

Nick rallying the enthusiasm!

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