Our first full day in San Diego, California was full of activities and new experiences! Students equipped with scalpels made their first incisions, and the majority of the group stepped onto the Pacific coastline for the very first time. In the lab, students were able to identify shark anatomy in the flesh, while TAs guided them throughout the learning process, answering their questions, and ensuring proper lab protocol was followed. Later, students gathered on the beach for a myriad of activities that taught them about the importance of equal teamwork, open ears, and self-confidence.

Click here to see all photos from the dissection lab and beach!

posted on the coast!

bright days, big smiles

hey siri, is water wet?

pacific ocean, dipped our toes in!


with the squad

you’re getting warmer

an exercise in teamwork

collaboration contemplations

the floor is squid game

the diagram doubles as a snack

coast is clear

an octo-squish sighting!

shades are essential!

cursed ramen noodles

we found young during dissections


fostering curiosity through guidance

shark caught in bycatch, under the knife


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