Year: 2022

A.I and Representation in Marine Sciences

On Friday, Dr. Berga and marine biologist A-bel Gong spoke about modern problems and solutions in Marine research, each outlining their unique stories […]

Birch Aquarium and Sustainable Seafood

Thursday morning at the Birch Aquarium was a stimulating prerequisite for the speaker of the night with Hubb’s Seaworld Research’s David Tabor. At […]

Whale Watching in the Pacific

Students set sail ten miles into the Pacific on a whale-watching expedition. They caught a glimpse of the world’s largest sea creature and […]

Dissections and Beach Leadership

Our first full day in San Diego, California was full of activities and new experiences! Students equipped with scalpels made their first incisions, […]

Registration Day!

Registration day went off to a smooth start as we welcomed dozens of students from all over to participate in the marine biology […]

Meet the USD MBIO and Admin Staff!

From everyone at the NSLC, welcome to the University of San Diego!