Category: Middle School Programs

The JNSLC Dance Social

JNSLC students gathered at the Garden of the Sea during sunset to celebrate their time together and unite in dance to the Cha […]

Making wind turbines and patient diagnosis!

Our engineering JNSLC students participated in an activity where they had the opportunity to plan, budget, and manufacture their own wind turbines, as […]

Roller Coaster Prototypes and Learning CPR

The JNSLC students participated in team exercises with roller coaster construction, as well as learned CPR from Red Cross representatives. Click here to […]

Suturing and Soldering

On Sunday, equipped with scalpels and irons, the JNSLC students learned the art of the suture and solder. Click here to check out […]

Registration Day!

On Saturday, an eager group arrived and registered to the NSLC. Also for the first time, JNSLC students are at the University of […]